1. The White One
    The White One

    If you're a white wine lover, we've got you covered. This selection of whites covers an exciting range of tastes, styles and flavours. From the bright and refreshing citrus crispness of our Gavi to the creamy and indulgent Macon-Villages Chardonnay, we're proud to present some of our favourite whites for you to enjoy!

    SAVE 10% (Usual RRP £104.90, case saving £10.50)


  2. The Mixed One | Selection of Red Wines | Vinkind
    The Mixed One

    This mixed case is a fantastic all rounder, with two of our favourite reds, whites and sparkling wines inside. It really has got something for everyone. Silky, chocolatey and bold reds, to light and refreshing, full and fruity whites, with an outstanding Prosecco alongside a delightful English sparkling. It's one helluva case!

    SAVE 10% (Usual RRP £110.35, case saving £11.05)


  3. The Mighty 12
    The Mighty 12

    This case is the ultimate feast for the senses, a case of wine for those who want it all, and why the hell not? It's been a challenging year and you deserve it! Get stuck in to our impressive selection of 12 stunning wines, each chosen for its own outstanding qualities. Go on - you'll love it.

    SAVE 15% (Usual RRP £233.15, case saving £34.15!!)


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