REVIEW: Sauvignon Blanc 'Emerald' - Paserene

by Edward Gosling

This wine has a lot of personality. It's tart and tingles while you drink it – fun – like it wants you to have a good time. It has the flavour of a Hendricks gin and tonic with cucumber as it first hits your tongue, but somehow with an aftertaste of an espresso martini. It's big, bold, brash, and quite cheeky. You could get dressed up to go out with a few friends with this wine. It's loud, a little extra. You could drink this wine while playing music and dancing round the house; you could drink this wine and then kiss your boyfriend in the kitchen while no one's watching and your friend is changing their dress for the third time, while your taxi sits outside. The world will wait.

> Sauvignon Blanc 'Emerald' - Paserene

Edward Gosling

Events Producer

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