REVIEW: Pinot Noir 'Thomas' - Renegade

by harrisonthehand

Looking to break into the nuances of red wine but in need of a little safety net? This is it. It's got bags on the nose, makes you feel like you're sat in a leather filled old library, but with the added hint of mashed cherries into a seat or two perhaps. Plenty of spice too, you feel like you're about to take the plunge into an ancient Bordeaux. But fear not, you just need to get past that preface and it's an easy read.

Cherry, clove, and a hint of pepper, but with a nice dry finish to leave you pleasantly satisfied. Nice light tannins to make you feel like you're in league with the big boys, but enough easy juiciness to make it a pleasant evening drinking. Would not be out of place with a damn good steak. 

> Pinot Noir 'Thomas' - Renegade

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