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  1. Introducing... Vinkind Discovery Packs

    Attention wine explorers! We have a brand spanking new way to help you discover wine! Say hello to our Discovery Packs - tasting samples of six great Vinkind wines, posted directly through your letterbox. Each wine comes in nifty 100ml recyclable cartons with links to video tasting notes and an invitation to join us for a Online Tasting Experience. Here's...
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  2. REVIEW: Vin de France - Anciens Temps

    REVIEW: Vin de France - Anciens Temps

    Perfect for a Wednesday night in, cooking a special meal, it's a wine that will make an everyday moment more special...
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  3. REVIEW: Riesling - Kung Fu Girl

    REVIEW: Riesling - Kung Fu Girl

    Honey and pear body, a hint of lychee, but then a lovely lemon crisp acidity...
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  4. REVIEW: Sauvignon Blanc 'Emerald' - Paserene

    REVIEW: Sauvignon Blanc 'Emerald' - Paserene

    This wine has a lot of personality. It's tart and tingles while you drink it – fun – like it wants you to have a good time...
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