Buy small, drink better!

by Jack

When it comes to food and drinks production, small is usually best. Wine is no different. At Vinkind we like nothing better than discovering small, family-run wineries. We do our best to support the love and hard work that goes into making their exceptional wines. This is partly because we like to support the little guys over larger corporations who produce what we sometimes (possibly a little unfairly) call ‘conveyor belt wine’. But it’s also about the quality of the wine itself.

It’s simply a fact that wine made in smaller quantities by skilled winemakers and viticulturists (expert grape growers) tastes better. This is because smaller volume winemakers are more closely connected to the age-old processes at work. They can be more experimental and reactive, making for more interesting wines with greater depth of flavour. It’s a labour of love, and one we wholeheartedly support.

That’s not to say you can’t find good wine in the supermarkets. There are plenty of interesting and very drinkable wines to be found in major retailers. But to sell wine to the supermarkets winemakers have to produce wines in such high volumes that they have little choice but to use industrial, mechanised, scaled-up techniques.

Vinkind searches for talented producers who simply don’t make enough wine to deal with the supermarkets. This often means that they must price their wines a little higher, but it’s so worth it! So next time you’re thinking about grabbing one of those recognisable super brands of wine in the supermarket, spare a thought for the winemakers diligently labouring away in their small family-run wineries, and consider going for quality over quantity!