Back with a vengeance!

by Alex and Jack

Ok, so it goes without saying that 2021’s been a(nother) hell of a year. Despite the best efforts of the pandemic, WFH, HGV shortages and.. gulp… homeschooling, we’re delighted to introduce a fresh new Vinkind.

So what’s new?

You’ll see we’ve massively increased our range! Highlights include a trio of New Zealand stunners from Seresin Estate, a champagne-style English Bubbly from Bolney, new wines from Xander Grier, Martin Meinert, Olivier Tricon, Loveblock, Cape Town Wine Co and many, many more.

We’ve managed to beat down most of our prices so some of your old favourites are now considerably cheaper. No more waiting for a discount code, these prices are here for the foreseeable (anyone fancy an Ancien Temps for £10.95?)

Mixed Cases are finally here! We’ve curated some awesome pre-made cases from a selection of our favourite wines to make your lives a bit easier. All also offer a decent discount on the combined bottle prices so pick them up while stocks last.

We’ve introduced Filters to our product pages. Not the pollen or 90s rock band variety, but our very own web widgets that allow you to refine the range by country or grape variety to help you on your journey.

We’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeves for the near future so stay tuned to our socials but for now we hope you enjoy the new site and find some great wine for you and yours over Christmas.