Discovery Packs

Attention wine explorers! We have a brand spanking new way to help you discover wine!

Say hello to our Discovery Packs - tasting samples of six great Vinkind wines, posted directly through your letterbox.

Each wine comes in nifty 100ml recyclable cartons with links to exclusive video tasting notes so you can enjoy your own virtual wine tasting from the comfort of your homes.

If you fancy sharing the experience with someone, add two packs to your order for the discounted price of £44.95



How do I store the wines?

Upon receiving your Discovery Pack, you should refrigerate the wine cartons and consume within 2 months. We recommend any red wine cartons are taken out of the fridge and left at room temperature for at least an hour before drinking.

What's this packaging all about and how do you get it through the letterbox?

Our very clever manufacturers have designed the wine cartons based on Bag-in-Box technology, using inert gas to protect the wine from oxygen and keep it fresh. They're small enough to fit through a standard letterbox and are 95% recyclable, meaning they have a far lower environmental impact than sending glass bottles.

What if the pack gets damaged in transit?

The cartons have four layers of protection and are designed for postal transit so we're confident they'll get to you safe and sound. However in the unlikely event that they don't, please email us a photo and we'll offer you the choice of a replacement or full refund.

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